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Exploration Academy Students

Are you the type of student who gets easily bored sitting in a classroom? Would you like to choose a path of study that fits your interests and goals? If so, then, give the Exploration Academy (EA) a look!

At the Exploration Academy, you will learn at your own pace as part of a network that includes your parents, an advisor, and experienced professionals who actually work in the jobs you are interested in exploring. You and your network will develop a plan that helps you reach educational goals through a combination of classroom work, online learning, and real-world career experience.

Also, if you’re interested in school-related extracurricular activities, EA is part of the Verona Area School District, so you’re welcome to participate in all of the District’s extracurricular activities, including sports.

Some features of your experience at EA:

• Learning plan that fits your interests

• A talented support network to help you achieve your goals

• Learn at your own pace

• Earn credit for real-world job experience

• Flexible schedule

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Exploration Academy students are eligible to take assigned District-owned mobile devices off-campus/home.
Find out how by  CLICKING HERE