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Late Start Mondays

An email will be sent on the week before late start Mondays to each parent regarding their student’s personalized plan.  Please review the options available to EA students for each of the remaining late start Mondays:

  •  The seminar room (k-156) in Exploration Academy will be available and supervised from 10am-3:35pm for students during late start Mondays.  Students will be expected to engage in independent work time and/or utilize resources available within Verona Area High School (VAHS), e.g. Math Resource.  Students can be here for all or part of the day, depending on their VAHS class schedule.  Students will be expected to sign-in and sign-out in order to provide accountability back to parents.   This option allows for students to take the bus to and from school.
  • Students can attend VAHS electives only and then leave campus for mentorships, independent work time at a local establishment and/or home.   This option would require students to coordinate their own form of transportation.
  • Parents can request on an individual basis that attendance is taken for their student(s).   Parents who request this option will be contacted if their student is absent.