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Exploration Academy (EA), a personalized high school learning environment in Verona, offers an innovative educational approach to engage students in real world, self-paced learning, while ensuring that rigorous academic standards are met.

EA provides a flexible structure for students in terms of time, physical location, and curriculum. Students are given the opportunity to pursue learning that meets their needs, passions, and interests within the structure of four key components:

1) Project-Based Learning: Students engage in learning through exploration and inquiry of topics of interest to them. Learning often takes place outside of the school setting in real-world contexts and interactions with experts. Students may demonstrate learning in multiple content areas while engaged in a single project.

2) Technology-infused Learning: A variety of digital technologies will help students research, collect, analyze, evaluate, and demonstrate their learning. Interactive, computer based English, Social Studies, Math, and Science courses will provide experiences that are personalized to a student’s needs, skills, interests, and pacing.

3) Career Readiness and 21st Century Skills—Students are given the skills that will help them succeed in college and/or their career. In addition, students may gain experience through real-world projects, internships, community service, and employment opportunities.

4) Development of Whole Student—Students develop strong, collaborative relationships with peers and adults through regular community building experiences.


The Exploration Academy’s Mission is to provide a flexible structure for students to determine their own direction for learning based upon their individual passions, interests, and needs.


Finding, Exploring, and Growing Student’s Passions, Interests, and Needs through Personalized Learning.