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Posted on Mar 13, 2017

Weekly Update 3-10-2017

Weekly Update 3-10-2017

Hello Families,

The weather doesn’t feel like it yet, but spring is just around the corner! This week students started preparing for our April showcase, scheduled for the night of April 20th, by identifying the work they are going to show off and outlining their next steps in the project. They also hung out with some reptiles (images below), worked on their projects, and supported each other in reviewing projects and prepping for presentations.

This week students and advisors enjoyed a visit from the Madison Herpetological Society (MAHS). The MAHS representatives brought along some 4-legged and 0-legged “guests”. The students were thrilled. The advisors were also…ah…”thrilled”.

In the climate change seminar, students scored all 100 members of the US Senate based on the Senator’s previous comments on climate change. In addition, students looked into the campaign contributions from fossil fuel companies to all 100 senators and correlated these back to their climate change opinion score. Next week students will begin writing letters to members of congress expressing their opinions on climate change legislation based on their research.

Two new seminars will be beginning next week. Ms. Stenseth will be starting a seminar on Utopian vs Dystopian societies. Students will be reading an approved dystopian novel of your choice, such as The Hunger Games, Matched, Unwind, Divergent and others. As a final project they will work in a group creating their own model of a dystopian society.

A United Nations seminar will also be starting up on Tuesday. Students in this seminar will be looking at the history and purpose of the United Nations, various activities they are involved in around the world, and will model the United Nations to try and solve an international crisis.

Next week is also Fine Arts Week. Our students have organized activities for the week that will allow our students to show off their talents. Activities include an EA art gallery and multiple student performances.

Finally, if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, quite a few EA students are participating on and off stage in the spring play, Metamorphoses. Catch the last show tonight, March 11 at 7:30pm in the VAHS performing arts center!

The Exploration Academy Staff