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Posted on Jan 27, 2017

Exploration Academy Update

Exploration Academy Update

Second semester got off to a great start for our students.  They got to plan for the rest of the school year, reengage in independent projects, and of course enjoy a snow day!

There were also many new faces at school this week.  We welcomed a group of 8 new students into our our community.  They are still learning the ropes but have quickly acclimated themselves to the school.
Our current seminars are now nearing an end.  Students in the Argumentative Writing Seminar finished watching PBS NewsHour, discussing the news, and picking topics.  Now they are researching their topics in preparation for writing their essays.  Next week, they will write their first drafts.  In the physical fitness seminar, students continue to build muscle with a variety activities.  Students in the “Animal Farm” Seminar spend a lot of time this week really diving into the Russian Revolution.

In the evolution seminar students were initially disappointed to lose an educational opportunity on Wednesday due to the weather, but were relieved that there was a skinny schedule on Thursday with time to learn about how molecular comparisons between animals provides interesting insights into common ancestors.  Students are also getting used to Dr. Dawkins’ style of writing and are beginning to enjoy his old man rants, where he demands people to get onto his evolutionary lawn.  The evolution seminar will end on 06FEB2017 and the climate change seminar will begin the following week.

We also wanted to congratulate Debrell Fountain-Carr, Samantha Alfonso, Sarah Quinton, Tianna Smith and Zaria Roller.  These students were recognized at the Martin Luther King Jr. Outstanding Young Person Awards this month for academic performance, community service and extracurricular participation.  In addition, Jaleah Price received the Betty Franklin-Hammonds Scholarship.

Attached below is the second edition of our student newsletter.  It is filled with great stories about projects, seminars, and other things happening in and around EA.

It is that time of year when we are starting to do some planning for next year.  Students will be beginning the scheduling process for next year in the next few weeks.

We also have are reaching out to prospective students and parents.  We will be having a parent information meeting next Tuesday in the PAC from 7-8.  This will be following the VAHS course information fair.  Applications for next school year are due February 17.  If you know anyone interested more information is available on our website.

If we have no snow days or early releases, next week should be a regular 5 day week.

Have a great weekend!

The Exploration Academy Staff