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Posted on Jul 7, 2017

EA student overcomes homelessness to graduate at 16

EA student overcomes homelessness to graduate at 16

By Scott Girard,

Like many of her Class of 2017 cohorts, Exploration Academy graduate Jaleah Price is heading to college in the fall.

Unlike them, she’s only had three years of high school And, also unlike many of them, the 16-year-old reached this milestone after facing homelessness twice in her life.

“It was challenging emotionally knowing I didn’t have anything to go to,” Price told the Press a few weeks before she graduated. “I wouldn’t have a hot meal prepared from my grandma or have my clothes.”

 Instead, she embraced her school work at the charter high school she attended for three years.

“School for me is my outlet to really show what I’m capable of,” she said.

EA opened four years ago and features a project-based learning model driven by students designing their own learning. That was a perfect fit for Price, said her grandmother, Jovenus Price-Pierce.

“She’s very intelligent, very creative,” Price-Pierce said. “She’s a self-made girl.”

Price will attend Central State University in Ohio next year, where her uncle works as a basketball coach. She plans to major in psychology and either biology or chemistry. Read more …