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Posted on Mar 27, 2017

EA Newsletter – March 2017

EA Newsletter – March 2017

Letter From the Editor

By Morgan Sandler

As we are coming to these last issues of the newsletter this year, I cannot express how grateful I am for the amazing team that has been assembled to work with me!

Last year, when the newsletter first began, there were many problems, the biggest one being the lack of responsible reporters. When I accepted the position again this year, I was really nervous because of my past experience. However, I had no reason to be nervous with this team of students because they have all been very loyal, responsible, and hardworking.

I hope that you all recognize the hard work they have put into these articles and the time they have dedicated to them. They all took time out of their busy days to help you gain a better understanding of the school and get a glimpse at some of the seminars and projects that take place here.

I could not have assembled this newsletter without this team. Each and every one of them has made themselves invaluable to the newsletter, and I hope that they continue on with it for the rest of their high school career

classroom is a hands on way of learning what being a teacher is like. She is only scheduled to continue this volunteer work till the end of the year but would like to continue going into next year.

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