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Posted on Sep 30, 2016

Weekly Update 9-30-2016

Weekly Update 9-30-2016

Happy Friday,

Homecoming week has been exciting and fun!  As always we have a variety of ongoing seminars, projects, and other learning experiences keeping us busy.  

“EEEEEEWWWWW GROSSSSSS!!!” could be heard echoing off the walls of K-157 on Wednesday as students began the rat dissection. 

After the initial shock, students settled into studying anatomy and honing their surgical skills.  After 3 weeks of work students are now starting to recognize many anatomical structures in vertebrates.  Their dissection skills are also becoming quite good. 

We might be looking for some neural surgery internships for a few of them…well maybe after the pig dissection.

Students in the Short Stories Seminar have written first drafts of their literary analyses and had writing conferences.  Next week, they will revise and edit them, then publish them on their online electronic portfolios.

Many students in the Achieve3000 Seminar are scoring well on Activities.  Reading levels are adjusted at the end of each month.  Some students in the seminar may already be reading at grade level in October.

The Verona History Seminar is finishing up the research phase of the project.  On Monday, students again visited the Verona Public Library to continue research.  They compiled their research and presented their findings to Mr. Welty today.  That was a bit nerve racking for some of the students but they did great.  Next week students will begin scripting and storyboarding a movie on the history.  Hopefully we will be able to record by Friday.  

Advisory has been a great learning experience for students.  This week alone, students had the chance to do yoga, were introduced to basic app programming, discussed Hispanic heritage, and played some games.  In addition, we had a full community gathering where we spent time problem solving as a full group.  

The Verona Area School District is participating in the BrightBytes survey to learn more about our technology use for student learning.  This survey will provide us with some important

information about technology access and use from the perspective of students in grades 3-12, all staff and parents/guardians. This survey will take approximately 10 minutes. Your input is critical, especially with our 1:1 iPad rollout. The link is below.

VAHS sends out a monthly newsletter.  We wanted to make sure you receive that as well.  It often includes information about upcoming opportunities for students.  

Finally, October 17 is our first of 4 EA Off Site Learning Days.  These days are late start days for VAHS in which EA is closed all day.  This allows staff time for professional development around your students.  During this time students sill have assignments and projects they can be working on at home or in the community.  Students are still expected to attend classes they may have at VAHS or work with the teacher to make up work they miss.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend!

The Exploration Academy Staff

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