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Posted on Nov 18, 2016

Weekly Update 11-18-2016

Weekly Update 11-18-2016

Happy Friday,

Thanks to everyone who attended the Showcase last night! Almost everything last night was student-created, including the newsletter, slideshows, videos, and much of the survey. Last night was a great chance to connect with families, friends, and community members who are interested in our school. We also loved seeing so many students have the chance to explain, teach, and get feedback on work that they are passionate about.

Much of the students’ week was spent putting final touches on their projects, in addition to completing all their other assignments. With the Election Seminar wrapping up this past week, we still have many ongoing seminars.

The students in the Achieve3000 Seminar have started to learn how to make valid inferences based on the articles they read. Students in the A Raisin in the Sun Seminar are reading the play and learning about post-war history that relates to the hopes and dreams of the characters. We also still have students in the Computer Programming Seminar and Civil Rights Seminar immersed in learning.

The Amazon Wish List is still available. We always have a wish list of supplies that allow us to provide additional hands-on learning opportunities in areas where students have expressed interest. This is a link to our current Amazon Wish List. Items on this list go to providing enriching seminars and book groups for students.

Thanks again to all family, friends, and community members that sponsored an EA bird last night. This opportunity is still available to you. If you would like to sponsor a bird, please contact Ms. Morrison at

We also will always have EA t-shirts and water bottles for sale with more items coming soon. Students can purchase those items before or after school. If you are interested in purchasing something just contact an advisor.

If you did not get an EA Newsletter last night. The PDF is attached.

Have a great weekend!

The Exploration Academy Staff


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