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Posted on Nov 28, 2016

EA students help create bird murals

EA students help create bird murals

By Scott Girard, Unified Newspaper Group

Room K456 in the Exploration Academy at Verona Area High School was recently filled with birds for a week.

No flapping of wings was heard, as the birds were simply paintings created by students and a pair of local artists from Dane Arts. But two-dimensional or not, participants are excited for their paintings to eventually help brighten up a bike tunnel on a Fitchburg bike path next spring.

“You ride by and it’s just cement wall,” artist Emida Roller with Dane Arts Mural Arts said of the tunnel currently.

Roller, whose daughter attends EA – the Verona Area School District’s charter high school – and Alicia Rheal, also with DAMA, led dozens of students through a week of painting Nov. 8-11 on mural paper in whichever style they wanted, as long as it was a bird.

Among the students painting the morning of Friday, Nov. 11, two were finishing up a collaborative project of a large bird, another was putting the final touches on her raven and Lea VanHook was discovering her talent for painting, which she said she didn’t know she had before. Read more …