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Posted on Aug 12, 2015

I wish my children could have experienced Personalized Learning

I wish my children could have experienced Personalized Learning

By Jim Rickabaugh, The Institute for Personalized Learning

I was asked recently what it is about personalized learning that would make me want my children to learn in that environment. The question started me to think from a parent perspective about the value of this approach. It reminded me of numerous conversations my wife and I had with our children, often around the dinner table, about their education and learning experiences.

It did not take me long to come up with ten reasons that would have led us to choose this approach for our children, had it been available.

  1. Our children would have known the purpose for their learning beyond, “You will need it for the test,” “You will need it for college,” or “Because I said so.” Far too often our children seemed to be learning because we expected it. They simply saw it as their job or a way to avoid negative consequences. In a personalized learning environment, the purpose for learning is front and center and serves as a guide for attention, effort and marking progress.
  2. In a personalized learning environment, the primary source of motivation is intrinsic, growing out of the learner’s interest, curiosity, needs and drives. This approach starts where the learner is and builds rather than trying to coax, threaten and manipulate in the name of learning.
  3. Learning in a personalized environment is focused on building the skills, strategies and perspectives that increase the learner’s capacity to learn, not just memorizing information to be recalled on demand.

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