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Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Exploration Academy High Ropes Course

Exploration Academy High Ropes Course

By Frost White

On September 12, Exploration Academy students took a field trip to the Elements Ropes Course for a day of team building. The goal was to bond the new school together in a way that was fun and interactive.

See more photos from the day!

Students were put in groups to complete several activities, including a game involving small toys, one involving jump ropes, and another with perfect squares. After an hour or two of these smaller games, which encouraged the students to encourage each other and think creatively, they broke for a quick lunch before coming back to face the greatest challenge: the high ropes course. The high ropes course consists of several climbing, jumping, and swinging type activities, all taking place in mid air and requiring trust in other members of the team. While one person climbed or jumped or swung, other members of the school were responsible for keeping them safely in the air.

The day succeeded in bringing the 60-some students closer and inspiring trust and new friendships, on top of making memories they will remember forever. Some highlights included Mr. Lewis taking on the flying squirrel, several students encouraging people on the giant climbing net and ladders, and supportive students making sure people felt comfortable with opting out if they felt uncomfortable.